While reading my local Sunday newspaper (The Forum, Fargo) yesterday, I ran across an article titled “Eleven simple ways to make your wardrobe look more refined” (not able to find a link to the actual author but I think this was syndicated).

First, it got me wondering, “do I want to look more refined,” and I think I do, at least in a lot of situations. Not always, I guess.

Here’s the quick list:


Interesting, isn’t it. It seems to be more about accessories and attention to detail, to me.

midiskirt_black_frontHow can Ruby Ribbon help?

We offer a very refined looking midi skirt that looks sophisticated and flattering. (It also has the Ruby Ribbon Skinny Band to give you an instant tummy tuck!) It’s guaranteed to be a “go to” piece in your wardrobe.

Pair it with a Ruby Ribbon top and some great accessories and you’re set!

royal peplum matching skirt from backAnd, what about that suggestion to wear coordinating pieces?

Our latest collection has a beautiful example with the peplum top and matching skirt.

The peplum top hides any tummy issues and the skirt has a shaping sleeve to give you a lean look.