IMG_20160213_091441I spent Saturday with my SO, checking out a motorhome that I might get for my Ruby Ribbon business, plus some shopping and such in Minnesota. It was fun to spend the day with him.

So what did I wear? It was minus 24 when I got up to get dressed, but slowing warmed up during the day.  I wore layers, silly!

Here’s my outfit — the Ruby Ribbon Denim Leggings, Ruby Ribbon Versatile Top in black, a long, comfy jacket over it and a pair of winter boots. These leggings look like jeans, but fit like leggings. They have the signature Ruby Ribbon “skinny band” plus have real back pockets.

I got the necklace at Kmart, and here’s a cold winter day tip — get your jewelry at Kmart for winter days. The plastic jewelry isn’t cold on your skin! Ha!

Link to Outfit of the Day Summary