Top Ten Reasons to Ditch Your Bra with a Ruby Ribbon camisole

  1. bye bye bra 2016Ruby Ribbon cami has 360 degrees of stretch, so it moves with you
  2. Surgical grade silicone gripper edge, so it doesn’t roll as you bend and move
  3. Supports your bust and replaces your bra
  4. Slims your tummy and smoothes any love handles – can take up to an inch off your waist
  5. Shoulder straps stay in place (no fishing your strap out of your sleeve all day)
  6. Smoothes you back, so no back rolls due to bra strap
  7. Patented technology allows fabric to stretch up to 3X’s original size and return to original shape
  8. Wicks moisture and heat away from your body
  9. Extra back support to stimulate improved posture
  10. Super comfortable with no underwires




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