The inspiration for Fall 2016

I just returned from the Ruby Ribbon annual conference for stylists, and I got to see the Fall Capsule!  (Can you hear the enthusiasm in my voice!)  It’s fun and unique and you are gonna love it!

It’s not launching until Thursday, July 21, and I plan to show you some pictures right away when I can, but in the meantime, here’s what I can tell you about what inspired our designer, Cami Raymond (Cute that her name is Cami and she’s all about the Ruby Ribbon cami, isn’t it!)

disco-297670_960_720Throwback designs from the 70’s — just wait until you see the fun mod silhouettes she’s come up with – so trendy, and so special

Hints of vegan leather — as an accent, but in a way you’ve never seen it

Rich fall inspired colors — she called them cinnabar, balsam, winter sapphire and mink –  can you picture them?

Fall Capsule Colors

Can’t wait to share all these new pieces with you!

Fall Capsule 2016 Post Summary


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