Don’t think of this as a stereotype

When I mentioned to someone that I was putting together a post of what to get for grandma, they thought I was stereotyping. I’m not, definitely not. I love that Ruby Ribbon resonates with women of all ages, and grandma is no different. If she’s a fashionista, she will like something different than if she’s going for comfort at all costs, for example.

Here are just a few Ruby Ribbon pieces that I have seen women who are older prefer (but you know your grandma and can select the right thing):

  • Tie Neck Top – a gorgeous lacey top inspired from the looks of the 70s. Will feel great over a Ruby Ribbon black cami
  • Flare Leg Pants — who doesn’t love a great fitting pair of pants with a “skinny band” at the waist
  • Lace Tunic – I see older women just gravitate to this top, which would be perfect with those Flare Leg Pants I just mentioned. This top also is meant to wear over a Ruby Ribbon cami
  • Chevron Kimono — a gorgeous wrap that is cute over many tops and popular with women of all ages


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