What does a Ruby Ribbon Stylist do?

ruby_ribbon_12_2_15_set-1_12812_resizeI’ve been a Ruby Ribbon stylist for two and a half years now, working a very flexible business helping women look and feel better in their clothes. At the same time, I also work a full -time job in real estate software.

Curious about what it’s like to be a Ruby Ribbon stylist? Basically I get paid to socialize with other great women both in person and online (like right here in my blog).  I help style them in beautiful clothing that boosts their confidence and and I keep in touch to share information about Ruby Ribbon’s newest products.

That’s really how easy it is! (Oh, and I get new clothes for free anytime I want.)

I would love to tell you more!  What questions do you have? We have regular calls to help you learn just a bit more about Ruby Ribbon and we give away at a Free Cami (!!) at every call.   Text “FreeCami” to 22828 and I’ll get you the details.

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