Her name was really Cami!

When I found Ruby Ribbon and learned about the special “Bye Bye Bra” cami, I was amazed. The cami helped me ditch my bra about three years ago and never look back. No more underwires, and the smoothing and shaping on my stomach was another benefit.

Capture.PNGBut, I was amazed again when I learned about and met the Ruby Ribbon designer. It was crazy because not only was she talented (smart, powerful and beautiful, as we say in Ruby Ribbon), but her name was Cami!  Can you believe it? It almost felt like they made it up, but they didn’t.

The designer of all the Ruby Ribbon clothing, shapewear, camis and swimsuits is named Cami! Here’s a picture of her riding, because she’s awesome at that too! (And she wears her own signature “cami” when she rides!)

#funstory #itstrue #camidesignsthecami #RubyRibboncami #x2 #stylewithchar


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