Your favorite wardrobe staple – but remixed

Printed Leggings are everywhere, right? Of course Ruby Ribbon is staying on-trend this winter by providing three new options for patterned leggings.

Ours are a new varition of our signature Ankle Leggings, meaning they are made of the same sturdy, flattering and forgiving fabric, and they have the Ruby Ribbon “skinny band” at the waist too (to help with a common “situation” area). These are your favorite leggings remixed.

The three patterns take printed leggings to a sophisticated level; meet Python, Snow Leopard and Feature. You’re going to tend to style these with black tops such as the Lux Tunic, the Reversible Topper or the Judi Cardigan, but the Feather wil be just fine with a colored top too. And the Python will work with tans and mink browns, I’m sure.

Printed Ankle Leggings

Winter and Holiday Capsule Summary

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